Reed Art & Imaging West Fest


What should people of the community know when it comes to your upcoming event Reed Art & Imaging West Fest?

It's a community event to showcase 40W talent and a benefit for 40West Connects program. It's our first art fest and hopefully if we can pull this off it will become an annual event. 


Reed Art & Imaging has been around for quite some time now, since 1979. How did the business originate and get where it is today?
It all started out in the Lakewood basement of Bob and Betty Reed back in 1976. It slowly grew into a full service commercial photo lab on 9th Ave and Federal Blvd. After many years and the age of digital imaging came along we transitioned to a fine art print studio / lab.  In August, 2017 we moved to the 40West district at 8000 W. Colfax Ave. We love the new space with all the light and history of the building. It is so much more creative and inviting than the old space. Lakewood and the 40 West community have been so helpful and welcoming that we know we made the right choice to move here. 


What are some of your most frequently requested services that you think would be very beneficial to the local arts community?
Metal printing is still fairly new and popular. Face mounts to acrylic is still very strong and even growing as well as the tried and true print editions on the various fine art paper we offer. Traditional photo paper prints are still one of our mainstays. We offer full service / one stop shopping from copy work or scanning to prints to a large variety of ready to hang finishing options. 

To customers that may not be familiar with Reed Art and Imaging, what are some of the most interesting services that you provide, that not many would expect?
Probably the biggest surprise is that we print quite a bit of custom art/decor wallpaper for many commercial, residential and museum/gallery type applications. We have a graphic designer here and many people on our staff that can consult on just about any type of project and if it's something we cannot do we are happy to refer the client to someone we know that can help them. We also do quite a bit of fulfillment for artists worldwide which includes custom crating and shipping as well as installations. 

With all of your varying services for artists do you practice any interesting art processes yourselves?

We have many practicing artists working here in several different mediums that show in galleries, shops and art fairs. Our motto or tagline is 'Artists Working for Artists'. We find that having artist on staff helps us all relate to the client as we know what artist go through trying to not only make a living but doing their best to make and sell quality prints that are true to their vision. 


Could you explain a bit about the TrueArt Process that is mentioned on your website?
Our TrueArt process begins when someone calls or comes in the door. Our idea is to be a guide or consultant to the artist or client especially to the ones who are not sure what they want or need. Wants and needs can be very, very different in this business. Guiding them through the vast array of options taking into consideration costs, applications of their art, environment and many other factors, we can recommend the best or several options for them so they can make an educated decision on what is the best way for them to proceed. Knowing all the pros and cons of different types of prints or finishing / mounting options always makes the decision much easier. When our clients are educated to the processes they are more comfortable with the final piece and that usually means better sales and more satisfied clients for them. 


Date Posted: May 5, 2018