40 West Gallery 2019 Exhibition Calendar

January – No Show

February – Member Showcase Exhibit
Submission Deadline: December 15
Show Dates: February 1 – 23

March – Month of Photography (MOP)
Submission Deadline: Partner Exhibition
Show Dates: March 1 – 23

April – Mosaic Artists of Colorado
Submission Deadline: Partner Exhibition
Show Dates: April 5 – 27

May – Connect. Disconnect.
Summary: What connects and disconnects us from one another, reality, our community, our world? How do we tune in, or tune out? We invite works about technology including computers and televisions, works about love, family and human emotion, pieces that tie into globalization and even how we connect or disconnect to ourselves.
Submission Deadline: March 16
Show Dates: May 3 – 25

June – Drawing the Line
Summary: Back for a second year, we invite artists to consider the shape, weight, length, movement and definition of the line, which forms the basis of so many things including works of art, architecture, nature and landscapes, DNA helixes, and so much more.
Submission Deadline: April 20
Show Dates: June 7 – 29

July – This is Not What It Seems: Abstracts & Other Works
Summary: So often the physical appearance of a work of art doesn’t fully convey the artist process, mediums, original vision or intent. We invite any work of art using any process where something about the final product isn’t ‘what it seems’. We welcome abstract works where brushstroke, line and color are used to convey a vision, or works where scale, size or subject are distorted in some way. Write a few sentences to display alongside your work(s) so viewers understand your idea a little better.
Submission Deadline: May 18
Show Dates: July 5 – 27

August – Annual Colfax Avenue Show
Summary: Our annual Colfax Avenue show celebrates the life, history, grit, glitter and glamour of Colorado’s most famous avenue. Use Colfax Avenue as your muse for this unique show.
Submission Deadline: June 15
Show Dates: August 2 – 24

September – Member Showcase Exhibit
Submission Deadline: July 20
Show Dates: September 6 – 28

October – Roots
Summary: Where do you come from? What history, landscape, location, items, movements or people make up your roots? We invite any work that interprets your unique definition of the concepts of personal history, place, culture, family and other. How do you define you?
Submission Deadline: August 17
Show Dates: October 4 – 26

November – Elements
Summary: Classical elements typically refer to the states of matter: earth (solid), water (liquid), air (gas), fire (plasma) and aether (upper sky). Elements are the simplest form of existence, of everything in existence. We invite you to submit any work that ties into the elements, directly or metaphysically.
Submission Deadline: September 14
Show Dates: November 1 – 23

December – Love Letters
Summary: Simply put, this show is about who or what you love. Give us any work that highlights a person, place, thing, idea or other that has captured your heart. In addition to the piece(s) you submit, you will also write a short (2-4 sentences) love letter to be displayed alongside your work.
Submission Deadline: October 19
Show Dates: December 6 – January 4