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Join Jackie Bissell as we spend 4 weeks reading & discussing Gabrielle Bernstein’s: Judgement Detox. In this 4 week session, we will explore & dive into themes in the book, such as: Witnessing your Judgement without Judgement, Honoring the Wound, Putting Love on the Altar, Seeing for the First Time, Cutting the Cords, & Bringing your Shadows to Light. Each chapter and lesson in the book will guide our discussion on how to give yourself permission and freedom to start living a more harmonious, forgiving and loving life. The lessons learned will help us identify where and who we judge in our lives (self included) and how judgement creates more discomfort and reinforces blocks in our lives. Upon completion of the book we will all gain a better sense of how to create more lightness in our lives and healthier relationships with ourselves and others! ​This book club will provide essential tools to integrate into your daily life & a deeper connection with our CCYOGA community.