Artist in Residence Program

2015 Studio Hours & Programs
Open Studio Hours:
Every Thursday, 4:30-5:30pm at Ryan's live/work studio at Lamar Station Crossing - watch Ryan create, chat about arts interests, and work on art projects!

FREE Art Classes will be offered throughout the year. Check information below for program, location and timing details. Some programs require an RSVP.

Upcoming Free Program
The 40 West Arts District, Artist-in-Residence program presents…
Experimental Painting Workshop - Learn More

When:  Tuesday, March 20, 4-530pm
Where: Lamar Station Crossing, Community Hub Room
Who: All are ages are welcome! Artistic talent not required.
RSVP: Email with name, phone number & email.
Questions? Email or call (303) 275-3430.
All supplies will be provided. (Including hanging hook for your finished art piece!)

2014 Program Snapshot

  • April - Mo'Print Steamroller Print - PREP event April 5th/PRINT event April 12th
  • April - Hubcap Community Project 
  • May - Hubcap Community Project (continued May 17 & 24))
  • June - Creative Cafeteria - Create Art - Saturday June 14th
  • July - Cardboard Arcade - Saturday, July 26 & August 2, 1-4pm, Lamar Station Crossing.  
  • August - Back to School Event - August 12, 4-530pm, Lamar Station Crossing. 
  • Sept - Up Cycling Collaborative - Sept 6 & 13, 1-4pm, Lamar Station Crossing. 
  • Oct - Still Life Art Class:  SIP 'N PASTEL, Wednesday, October 22nd, 5-7pm, 40 West Arts Gallery, 1560 Teller St
  • Nov - What Me Should I Be? Expressive Self Portraits
  • Dec - A Town Square
  • Jan - A Town Square

Artist In Residence Program Background Information

40 West Arts, in collaboration with Metro West Housing Solutions, Lakewood-West Colfax Business Improvement District, West Colfax Community Association, and RMCAD, has created an Artist in Residence program, launched in January 2014. The Artist in Residence program at Lamar Station Crossing in the heart of 40 West Arts District is intended to serve as a powerful and catalytic initiative that will bring energy to the area, provide a differentiator for the organizations involved, and demonstrates to the community the ability for multiple organizations and agencies to collaborate on a common mission: to energize the corridor.

“Imagine: A new destination along light rail – an energetic, colorful studio, in a beautiful, new residential community that allows rail passengers and passers-by the opportunity to view an inspirational ‘working gallery’ – or – to attend classes, lectures, and art demonstrations that infuse creativity and inspiration into the community,” envisioned Bill Marino, executive director of the Lakewood-West Colfax BID and chairman of 40 West Arts.

This project will support the revitalization of the West Colfax corridor, showcase the Metro West Housing Solutions project and its commitment to the community through collaboration, create a new and inspirational destination in the 40 West Arts District, and serve the community through art teaching and demonstration.

After rigorous selection process, RMCAD student Ryan Mathews was awarded the 2014-2015 Artist in Residency.  Mathews, a junior majoring in Art Education with a specialty in painting, will continue her work with RMCAD as well as contribute to the momentum of 40 West Arts, all while serving the community through her art. As an active member in the community, Mathews will continue her efforts to use art and education as a means of repairing the community and using relational aesthetics and social justice as the foundation for her conceptual realism artwork.

She will receive program credit, mentoring and supervision as well as rent, insurance and other amenities paid. As the artist in residence, Mathews will live in the unit and operate a working gallery with open hours, serve on the RMCAD Foundation Board, be an active member of 40 West Arts, conduct at least one monthly class and/or demonstration for Lamar Station Crossing and contribute one piece of art for permanent display with the 40 West Arts Collection.

For more information about the Artist in Residence program, call (303) 275-3430 or email

Ryan Mathews Artist Statement:

"My goal as an Artist is to demonstrate the power of visual art through social practices and the reinvention of style, technique, skill and thought. My visual art works are inspired by my passion in education and my passion pertaining to social justice, social practices, and community integrated public art. In my works I have experimented with the figure as space and emotion. Using different materials I wish to convey emotion and context through color, texture and composition. I also attempt to combine metaphors, symbols and concepts to develop an emotional response from the viewer. I am a conceptual realism artist, who combines the use of realistic features and conceptual symbolism to bring forth an objective of social practices. I work primarily with oils on large-scale canvas but also work acrylics, pen and ink, watercolor, sculpture, and multimedia.

I am a social practice artist, who creates paintings and large scale installations that critique, analyze and empower the community and the world. I am very moved by creating social justice works. My process for the social justice works comes from volunteer opportunities, observations and assisting in a classroom. Here I have the opportunity to find out what is significant to the students and what injustice they see in their community then I use that as my research to re-create that theme of social justice.  I am currently working on multiple large-scale projects that critique and analyze modernism.

My passion for the education system strongly influences my work as an artist. My teaching philosophy is one of my foundations for my work as an artist. As a teacher I believe children should feel unlimited in all aspects of education. They should feel like they can accomplish anything. By combining both aspects, art and education, I have developed a strong perspective of creating meaningful art that can and will change the world through the use social practices."

Ryan Mathews is currently a senior at Rocky Mountain College of art and Design, Majoring in art Education and painting. She is also the Artist in Residence for the 40 West arts district, RMCAD and Metro West Housing Solutions. To find out more about Mathews and the program please visit: